Langley Energy was incorporated in Nevada on September 1, 2007. We are a bonded operator in Wyoming where we produce and sell Coal Bed Natural Gas (CBNG). We have approximately 25,000 acres of fully developed leasehold ownership in the Powder River Basin area of Wyoming.
About Langley Energy

Langley Energy was incorporated in Nevada on September 1, 2007. Langley sells Coal Bed Natural Gas (CBNG/Methane), which is a clean and desirable form of Natural Gas, from its 25,000 lease acres in Campbell County. We have two field yards and offices on our Wyoming lease holdings.

Langley Energy’s major milestones to date have been completing the payments on their lease acquisitions and taking over as a licensed and bonded operator in Wyoming at the end of 2010. Two lease areas were acquired from Bill Barrett Corporation and an additional lease from Western Oil and Gas in 2010. Most recently Langley Energy acquired another 11,500 acres from Saga Petroleum in 2011.

Mike Langley, founder and President of Langley Energy, has worked in the Oil and Gas industry since 1988. He hauled mud to drilling rigs at age 15. Mike worked as an outside salesman for 10 years for different companies. He served as an accountant in the industry for 3 years and served as Vice President of Operations for 2 years, before founding Langley Energy.

Langley Energy’s focus is on Bio-technical solutions to enhance microbial methane production from underground coal seams. Natural gas is poised to become the next major resource on our planet over the next couple of decades and Langley Energy believes that more energy can be obtained in an environmentally friendly manner with a very minor footprint. “Microbial Methane Farming”, as the process has been referred to, involves restoring depleted CBM wells enabling them to produce commercial volumes of commercial gas for hundreds of years.